Kaycey L. Hadl

Prana Yogi : 200 Cr.Hr

IACT Hypnotist

Horticulturist BS (Landscape Design)

Psychic Medium

Holy Fire Reiki Practitioner

Service: Hypnosis.

Kaycey is a trained Hypnotist through the IACT (International Association of Counselors and Therapist) were she works with individuals through Anxiety, Past Life Regression, Fears/Phobias, stop smoking and much more.

Book 3 Hour Hypnosis Session

Service: Holy Fire Reiki with Crystal Therapy

Kaycey is certified Holy Fire Reiki Practitioner where she uses her clairosentient and clairovoyant abilities to move and direct the energy through and around the energetic bodies.

Holy Fire Reiki Attunement with Intuitive Guidance-40 Mins:$65

Book Holy Fire Reiki Session with Intuitive Guidance $149

-115 minutes for $149.00 Check Booking site for Discounts

Book Reiki Restorative with Crystal Therapy

60 minutes for $85.00

Service: Psychic Consultation

Kaycey is an avid Psychic medium where she uses her abilities to communicate with passed loved ones, provide Psychic Readings, Elemental Readings (communication with Fairies, Elves, Trolls, Nature Spirts), Past Life Readings, & Elemental Designs.

Book Psychic Reading 1 Hour-$120

Service: Elemental Design

Elemental Designs are created with various different Crystals, Shells, Live Plants, and Wood to perfectly describe your energetic output. These pieces of art are created for sacred spaces to clear and raise the vibration of any area. All pieces are cleared with sage and charged with full moonlight. Items can be shipped or picked up in store along with a 20 minute psychic reading of the elements involved in the design. Shipping costs are additional.

Book Elemental Design


Elemental Design: Happy Customer

Unsure of what to choose? Please email or call with quesitons.

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