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Ancestral Wisdom Gallery

Have you been trying to understand what magical abilities are held in your DNA? What guides and passed loved ones are around you and how they can help your current situation? Come on in to our outdoor pavilion as Psychic Medium Kaycey Hadl communicates with your past loved ones, guides, ET’s, and ancestral beings to help guide you on your magical journey called life. Some past lives will be visited to express the ancestral abilities passed down unto you or stored in your DNA.

Be the Lighthouse Meditation

When we loose our center we get caught in the turbulence of the waves. Amidst all of the chaos come in and release stress and enjoy finding your heart center in this 30 minute meditation.


The re-connection of the body with the soul.


Meditation: the art of reconnecting with the soul and higher self.

Magical Shit

We offer a wide variety of classes to those interested in the mystical arts and soul discovery. Our classes range from Mediumship to Psychic 101. We also offer a wide variety of Past Life Regressions Meditations along with crystal and Elemental classes. Our retail section upfront provides magical tools for those needing access to Wood Cookies for Alter placement, Crystals for Space Clearing, and much More.

Personal Sessions

Kaycey Offers a wide variety of personal sessions for individuals looking for one on one communication. Kaycey is a trained Hypnotist through the IACT were she works with individuals on Anxiety, Past Life Regressions, Fears/Phobias and much more. Kaycey is also available for Psychic mediumship (communicating with passes loved ones), Psychic readings, Elemental Readings, Elemental Designs, Holy Fire Crystal Reiki Sessions, and Energetic Transition Retrieval Sessions. Group sessions available as well.

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