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7 Weeks of Healing

Welcome to 7 weeks of healing where we will focus on guided meditations to elevate your aura and energetic bodies. Each class will have a specific energetic warm up to teach sacred tuning of the body and mind to create a secure connection to your higher self during meditation.
The meditations included in this package are available ala cart for $20 or $129 for the entire package. Kaycey is a certified IACT Hypnotist, Holy Fire Reiki Practitioner, Horticulturist, and Prana Yogi.

Support your Inner Child

Support your inner child, and relish in your soul memories. What were you like as a small child. Love and support who you are on a soul level. 7 Weeks of Healing Meditation 1.

Nov. 20th 11:30 pm Central Live. unlimitless views.

Connecting With Your Higher Self & Interdimensional Guides

Journey through space and time to meet your spiritual team as well as the version of your best highest self in all of the creators greatness. Messages will be received from beyond.

Magical Abilities Meditation

During this guided meditation we will venture back through time and space to discover your magical talents from past life and present life arenas. 15 mins of relaxation warm up and 45 min meditation. Dec. 04 2020 at 11:30 AM. Download available within 24-48 hours.

Reiki Infused Crystal Meditation

Feel the relaxation of a Reiki infused Crystal Meditation where we journey deep inside ourselves to release and balance are energetic field. All crystals used during meditation will be hand selected for each individual based on their energetic vibration and mailed 7 days prior to the meditation. Dec. 11th at 11:30 AM

Vibrational Toning and Chakra Recalibration Meditation

The warm up for this class (15 mins) will be projecting the sounds of our chakras through vibrational toning and sound alignment. The 45 minute guided meditation will be the activation and clearing of any energetic blockages in the 7 basic chakras along with the soul and earth star chakras. 11:30am Dec. 26th

Past Life Regression Meditation

Journey Back into a past life and understand the deep meaning of your souls vibration. Are you reexperiencing a similar pattern in life and don’t understand where it comes from? Listen and understand and rediscover the parts of yourself that you have forgotten. Karmic Contract and cord clearing through this meditation. 11:30am Dec. 18th-


The re-connection of the body with the soul.


Meditation: the art of reconnecting with the soul and higher self.

Magical Shit

We offer a wide variety of classes to those interested in the mystical arts and soul discovery. Our classes range from Mediumship to Psychic 101. We also offer a wide variety of Past Life Regressions Meditations along with crystal and Elemental classes. Our retail section upfront provides magical tools for those needing access to Wood Cookies for Alter placement, Crystals for Space Clearing, and much More.

Personal Sessions

Kaycey Offers a wide variety of personal sessions for individuals looking for one on one communication. Kaycey is a trained Hypnotist through the IACT were she works with individuals on Anxiety, Past Life Regressions, Fears/Phobias and much more. Kaycey is also available for Psychic mediumship (communicating with passes loved ones), Psychic readings, Elemental Readings, Elemental Designs, Holy Fire Crystal Reiki Sessions, and Energetic Transition Retrieval Sessions. Group sessions available as well.

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