We are a small team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to working with you.

Kaycey L. Hadl

Magical Guru: CEO, Psychic Medium, IACT Certified Hypnotist, Crystal Holy Fire Reiki Practitioner, Prana Yogi., Horticulturist

Kaycey is a Psychic Medium who uses her clairosentient and clairvoyant abilities to communicate with your spirit guides, past loved ones, angels, and elemental guides. Services Offered:

Elemental Designs (wood, plants, stones, Shells) to portray your energetic resononce that can be used to clear space or as an alter piece. $79

Crystal Energetic Reiki : $80.00 for 60 minutes

Readings: Psychic Readings, Elemental Readings (fairies, Dragons, Pixies, Sprites, Elves), Past Life Readings, Crystal Readings with Take Home Crystal Pouch, Psychic Mediumship(communicate with Passed loved), Aura Readings.$60 for 30 mins

IACT Certified Hypnotist: Hypnosis sessions for past life, anxiety, stress management, and emotional triggers. $180 for 2 Hours or $270 for 3 hours.

Sacred Space Design: Exterior or Interior Landscape. $90 per hour with a 2 hour minimum.

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Jamie Collins

Psychic Medium: Fall Equinox Psychic Celebration Sept. 19. 2020. Mediumship Classes. Mediumship Galleries. Life Coach.

Local psychic medium, Jamie Collins connects with your loved ones in spirit and brings through messages with compassion, healing and validation. Also an intuitive, if you have questions about certain issues going on in your life, Jamie can offer guidance in those areas as well. Readings are $40 for 20 minutes

Natasha Keefer

Intuitive Artist: Fall Equinox Psychic Celebration Sept. 19. 2020.

INTUITIVE INSPIRATIONAL ESSENCE PAINTING READER/ARTIST My Bio: My goal as an intuitive artist, is to create the paintings that show exactly where you are now! Being in the now moment energetically, emotionally, vibrationly and detaching from the ego state of mind….through the colors allowing the information and images to appear on the canvas stand out for you and for your mind’s eye. During this process, this helps give a great guidance to know where you are, where you’re heading for your personal growth and receiving intuitive insights while enjoying this painting experience. 🎫 Service available: Intuitive Inspirational Essence Painting *15-20 Mini reading/paining Mono Printing Paintings for $45.00 *20-30 8 x 10 reading/painting on canvas For event special pricing $65.00

Shellie Jennings

Fall Equinox Psychic Celebration. Sept. 19 2020

Tarot Specialist. Psychic Intuitive.

Shellie Jennings Psychic Card Readings. If you’ve been experiencing unprecedented changes, my psychic reading will offer broader, soul perspective, and answer your questions. You will feel light, clear, and inspired and knowing what to do. I have been reading Tarot for over 20 years. But, I have been intuitive all my life. I give readings with Loving Spirit and will answer your questions honestly and with loving care. I’m a Reiki Master. 15 to 20 mini Readings for $40.00 Payment Options: Cashapp, venmo, paypal, and square.

Hally Aahrus

Fall Equinox Psychic Celebration. Sept. 19 2020

Psychic Intuitive : Crystal Intuitive

I am a fourth generation intuitive witch and gypsy. A lineage i was honored to receive from my mother’s side. An intuitive from birth, I started my journey into the metaphysical world more than 15 years ago. I became certified as a crystal healer shortly after I got my Reiki Mater/energy worker certification. using my intuition which guides me in choosing crystals, that resonate with your frequency, facilitates the best healing possible. working with over 200 stones, I designed my own crystal oracle deck, during your reading you will choose crystals that I will interpret using my knowledge of the stones, along with the assistance from your spirit guides and angels.

Doc Cromwell

Psychic Intuitive; Past Life Reader; Fall Equinox Psychic Celebration. Sept. 19 2020

Intuitive as a child, Doc offers both past life readings as well as psychic readings. In a past life reading I look at not only who you were and what you did, but I look at the lessons your soul was attempting to learn in that that incarnation. Then we look at your present life to see if you are still working on that particular lesson or if you have mastered it. We will also explore any karmic relationships as well. Then at the end of the reading we will look at your soul’s dharma or the way you are fulfilling your soul’s divine life purpose.
In the psychic reading we explore your future as it relates to your career, love life and health.

Julie Larson:Grandmother Dancing Herbals

Psychic Medium; Akashic Record Reader: Herbalist: Fall Equinox Psychic Celebration. Sept. 19 2020

Grandmother’s Dancing Herbals provides intuitive medium readings relaying ancestral wisdom & oracle guidance to the client. Fifteen minute readings: $25 Thirty minute reading: $40 Sixty minute reading: $70

Rachel Pearson: Astrologer

Astrologer: Fall Equinox Psychic Celebration. Sept. 19 2020

Rachel has 30 years experience reading astrology charts. She can assist clients with better understanding themselves, their relationships, and their current and future opportunities and challenges, as suggested by the stars. Rachel will be offering 20 min readings for $25.

Judi Pace: Gems in the Myst

Gem Goddess: Fall Equinox Psychic Celebration. Sept. 19 2020

Gems in the Myst creates wire-wrapped jewelry using natural stones and precious metals. Our jewelry is intuitively designed to honor the chakra and natural elemental energies. Let us be your source for your ritual jewelry. We also offer a variety of natural stones, crystals and mineral specimens.

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